What is a NAVHDA Aims and Rules Clinic?

The NAVHDA Aims & Rules clinic (previously known as a Handler’s Clinic) is a tool developed by NAVHDA to educate aspiring judges, handlers and other NAVHDA members. The intensive two-day weekend training session is conducted by an official NAVHDA Aims & Rules Clinic Leader. During a clinic, participants are familiarized with the NAVHDA system and philosophy of judging versatile hunting dogs by learning how to use judge work cards and scoring Natural Ability, Utility Preparatory, and Utility dogs. The Aims & Rules Clinic is one of the requirements for becoming an “Approved Apprentices” in the NAVHDA Judge Development program.

A clinic provides everyone involved with an opportunity to learn about versatile hunting dogs. Members with their first pup see other dogs work and gain insight into what their new pup is doing and why. A breeder acquires knowledge about what characteristics to look for in breeding stock and progeny. A handler benefits by learning how NAVHDA evaluates versatile hunting dogs. Even an experienced handler will learn something new during any clinic due to the diversity of the group and the depth of discussion.

Who should attend?

  • People with their first pup to see how other dogs work, and gain insight into what their pup is doing and why. This helps them to develop their pup’s talents and improve performance in weak areas.
  • Novice handlers learn how NAVHDA evaluates versatile dogs, and are better prepared to handle their dogs in a test.
  • Experienced handlers gain a deeper, more technical knowledge of how the team of dog and handler are judged.
  • Breeders learn what to look for in their breeding stock and their progeny, and how to use NAVHDA records obtained through our Search Test Records for selective breeding.
  • For aspiring NAVHDA Judges, attending an Aims & Rules Clinic in one of the required first steps in our Apprentice Judge Program

You can download the entry form here. Entry is limited to the first 20 participants!